Online Timesheets

ProSIMS Timesheets makes it easy for staff to submit their timesheets online from any computer. This web based solution allows only authorized staff access via a username and password to a secure timesheet entry section. This eliminates the need for hard copies and manual re-entry of timesheets.

Some of the features of ProSIMS Timesheets are:

  • Auto population of shifts from existing rosters within ProSIMS Roster.
  • Real Time calculation of different pay rates such as Day and Night Rates as well as Sleepover Allowances and Reimbursements.
  • Submitted timesheets can be forwarded to relevant supervisors for authorization before processing.
  • Exception reports allow you to quickly see what timesheets have not been submitted as well as which ones have discrepancies.

Business Benefits

  • Centralized and standardized submission of timesheets.
  • No manual input of timesheets significantly saves time.
  • Automated notification to staff who have not submitted a timesheet.