Forget spending hours and days poring over rosters, ProSIMS can handle all your rostering needs in real time with functions such as powerful worker search, immediate staff updates and confirmation processes. Create rosters for a few hours, a day, a month or a year in a fraction of the time it currently takes. Save on staff time and track immediate changes to rosters. The system allows the rostering of staff to individual clients, residential facilities, groups and provides a roster costing function to allow you to stay within budget. Creating and confirming rosters has never been as efficient and effective and will save on staff time and cost.

ProSIMS rostering will:

  • Provide Costed Rosters (based on the applicable award).
  • Manage minimum staffing requirements for clients, facilities, etc
  • Manage rostering based on staff preferences.
  • Manage rostering based on client’s needs / care requirements.
  • Provide transparency around costs and shifts worked for shared staff across multiple clients, houses, etc.
  • Provide immediate alerts / notification to key users when award rules / conditions have been breached.
  • Provide availability list for staff that can fill vacancies or replacement shifts.
  • Provide the ability to build and manage Master Rosters.
  • Enable Roster Management of “Planned” and “Actual” Rosters.
  • Provide immediate distribution and update of rosters to staff via email.
  • Enable roster notes / briefs to be recorded to assist with shift change-over, that can be accessed online or via email.

Business Benefits

  • Save 15% in direct payroll costs.
  • Save 30% in productivity time in area of roster development and management.
  • Quick roster creation and allocation of staff.
  • Helps keep rosters within budget.
  • Rosters can be modified with a few clicks.