Payroll & Finance Integration

ProSIMS Payroll & Invoicing Integration links your ProSIMS Roster or ProSIMS Timesheets to your existing Accounting system. Sophisticated export facilities allows you to export Timesheet or shift data as well as levels of pay into your Payroll hence eliminating the need for manual input by accounts staff.

Some of the features of ProSIMS Payroll & Finance Integration are:

  • Exception reports alert you to any anomalies before transferring data to Payroll.
  • Editing of hours, reimbursements and sleepovers.
  • Matches pay rates with your existing pay rates.
  • Report on missing timesheets and generate email / sms alerts to notify staff.
  • Automatic bulk upload to NDIA portal for claiming invoices

Business Benefits

  • Saves time by avoiding the need to manually input hours into payroll software.
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Reduce finance administration costs by 12-15%
  • Reduce invoice disputes.
  • Reduced payroll & invoice processing time by 30%