Human Resources

ProSIMS HR is our fully customizable human resources module; the HR module has been designed to capture essential information relating to a member of staff such as:

  • Personal details and contact information
  • Qualifications
  • Induction information
  • Contract types and levels of pay
  • Probity checks and expiry dates
  • Occupational health and safety notes
  • Leave requests and availability
  • Complete HR file management system

Business Benefits

  • Central storage and access of all staff information.
  • Save time finding staff and related information
  • Communicate and update staff quickly.
  • Management and tracking of probity requirements.
  • Reports can be generated from any information stored

The HR module allows you to easily filter, sort and report on any of the information stored within ProSIMS.

Communicating with staff is now easier than ever with the click of a button you can update staff and managers with vital information via customizable E-Mail and SMS templates stored within the system. ProSIMS HR also allows for automated reminders to be sent to a predefined list of people should a staff member have an upcoming performance appraisal meeting or if a qualification or certificate needs renewing.

The system is username and password protected allowing only authorized users to access the system and the information relevant to them.