About Us

Advancing Practice through Technology

Our mission is to improve organisational performance and community services practice through technology.

Too often "off the shelf" software doesn’t exactly meet the needs of the business, the people using the program haven’t been considered, the training manual is hard to understand and the system works in isolation.

At JS Data we want to turn that around, ensuring that information management software:

  • is tailored to the business procedures and processes
  • makes life easier for the people using it
  • gives staff time to focus on the more professional areas of their work
  • managers have the information they need within minutes to make critical decisions
  • an audit isn’t a cause for concern
  • all aspects of organisational governance are managed in an integrated system
  • creates significant efficiencies and reduces administration time

Our software has always been dictated by the experience of the end user and with our extensive organisational and project management expertise we can match available technology with your business needs. We believe that all organisations are unique in their processes and systems and so the software supporting them should be the same.