The ProSIMS software solution has been designed specifically for the social welfare industry as a totally integrated HR information management system that provides powerful rostering, probity, payroll integration and general HR management tool designed specifically with your needs in mind.

ProSIMS will save you 12-15% of your payroll costs in direct expenses and save a further 20-30% in productivity time in areas of Roster Development and Management, HR Information Management, Supervision, OH&S and licensing and accreditation processes.

ProSIMS has been specifically developed to meet the increasing information management demands of the Community Services Sector by industry experts.

Key features including:
  • Client Case Management
  • Rostering (from multiple rostering solutions to easy one off task allocation!)
  • Timesheet/Payroll integration
  • Probity handling /reporting
  • Supervision
  • OH&S and Critical incident handling
  • Real time reporting

ProSIMS is an integrated system that is customized to your agency’s needs, processes and business flow. With the capacity to handle small, medium and very large organization’s workforce information flow, ProSIMS provides real cost benefits in time saving and quality assurance.

The ProSIMS solution is a software based solution which runs of the tried a tested Microsoft .NET platform. The front-end solution combines a user friendly interface which is intuitive and easy to use as well as a suite of functionalities that users will already be familiar with.

Our software can be fully customized before installation in order to tailor the software to reflect your organizations own internal language and branding as well as implement any functionality which is specific to your needs.